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Posted By: Joe Offer
11-Oct-02 - 10:22 PM
Thread Name: DT Alphabet
Subject: RE: DT Alphabet
There is a bit of a problem understanding what everybody's talking about, since there are so many versions of the Digital Tradition. The online version is easiest to repair, and the alpha index and search now work better than they ever did. The 2002 DOS version also seems to be working very well. The Windows version still has some bugs, but this is the first full-release version we've had. I don't know anything about the Mac version.

I'll admit I hate searching with the Windows version of the database. As Dick said above, he's aware of the problem and he's working on it - but there will probably be no repair until the next edition comes out. In the meantime, use the DOS or online version for heavy-duty searching. If you can't find what you're looking for, start a thread and ask for it. If it's just a search problem, ask in the Help Forum. If it's a song that hasn't been posted, ask in the Music Forum.

-Joe Offer-