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Posted By: Chip2447
11-Oct-02 - 10:37 PM
Thread Name: Musical question (chantey types)
Subject: RE: Musical question (chantey types)
If memory serves me correctly (don't count on it) the U.S. Navy used a chanty on one of the Aircraft carriers (maybe not a carrier) in WWII. Something about a tow line parting and/or a capstain malfunctioning (or both). The ship was dead in the water and a navy Chaplain started a chanty (evidently a long haul) to get the tow line from the towing vessel to the distraught one.
    I wish I could remember more details cause it was a really cool story. I heard it on NPR years ago.
    The essence of the story was that the chanty got the men coordinated and what should have been nearly impoosible to do was accomplished. Maube, I can find more details on the event...