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Posted By: Max D. Spiegel
03-Jul-97 - 12:49 PM
Thread Name: Layout idea for Discussion Forum
Subject: RE: Layout idea for Discussion Forum
The chat cannot be done without Java. We will do it, and if you cannot take part, I am sorry, but I cannot stop advancing the site. I will make sure any new features don't interfere with the old features and will try not to go "too fast". Also, when possible, I will use universal technology or server side programming.

Our survey showed that 60% of our viewers have connections at least or better than 28.8 modems. Also, between 54% and 73% of people have Java capable Browsers. This tells me to keep pushing.

RS: I like the category idea, lets kick that one around to hash out the best categories and codes.

gargoyle: I do not feel that membership will change a thing. I will certainly keep my files away from the FBI, so not to worry about me handing you over. The Mudcat Café is federally registered and recognized as a non-profit corporation as The Mudcat Café Music Foundation, with tax-exempt status pending, so be sure that there is no profit here. Dick and I and others have been putting very large amounts of time and money into our ideas here for years, and are so far from breaking even it ceases to be funny. The warm and fuzzy feelings we get from the kind words of our audience feeds our passions and our souls but unfortunately not our families.

We are recognized as an educational resource used by over 30 educational institutions including the Library of Congress. The changes and additions to the site only serve that. We have created a global community that converses about an art form that sheds light on humanity, happiness, and meaning to name but a few. I'll be damned if I am going to stop any progress for fear of being sued. The membership idea serves to enhance the community and create a discussion with identity. I will include support for everyone to have code names to protect the weary. It also helps me help you. Once you are a member, you can build your own personal Mudcat, choose which elements you want, track threads, be alerted to changes since your last visit, as well as be included in an email newsletter and possibly get discounts from participating companies.

Dick and I (et al) made the Mudcat what it is today. Do you no longer trust us?