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Posted By: Bat Goddess
17-Oct-02 - 10:01 AM
Thread Name: All for Mary's Wedding - Irish tune?
Subject: RE: All for Mary's Wedding - Irish tune
Interesting reading that post from Joe Offer -- I was ASPClinns@aol

(FYI, Bat Goddess = Linn Schulz -- that e-mail addy when I worked for the Portsmouth, NH American Speedy Printing is long gone, however).

I posted the transcription of the article to Scots-L and "Craig Cockburn ("coburn"), Dùn Éideann, Alba. (Edinburgh, Scotland)" must have posted it here (or somebody -- Joe? -- picked it up from the discussion at Scots-L that I posted it to at that time).

I'm no longer subscribed to Scots-L but Curmudgeon is.