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Posted By: EBarnacle1
17-Oct-02 - 11:53 AM
Thread Name: Help: Wearing hats or caps ; Manners?
Subject: RE: Help: Wearing hats or caps ; Manners?
My ex-father in law used to call a cap worn backward unnecessarily an "F A hat," as he believed that anyone who would wear one that way was clearly a F***ing A*****e. Now, it's a fashion statement. But style, at least around here, seems to be driven by the bottom of society.

Back in the 60's when we were out in the field as surveyors, transit men would reverse the cap to keep the brim out of the way. In the older films, I don't recall ever seeing a cameraman working with his cap brim forward, for the same reason. The rest of the time, the caps were worn forward.

The question of removing a cap for the flag or other group situation is clearly a statement of whether the wearer considers that he [since this is a male issue] is part of or respects the group.