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Posted By: John in Brisbane
18-Oct-02 - 12:53 AM
Thread Name: Whistle Players Wanted
Subject: Whistle Players Wanted
Whether you are an expert whistle player or just a beginner, I have something free for you to try. It doesn't matter whether you can read music or not. The only requirement is that you have a tin whistle in any key, have some degree of vision, be a PC or Mac user (or have quick access to one with a simple printer).

I will send you some whistle tunes/songs in pdf format (Adobe Acrobat) using a new font that I'm building just for tin whistle tablature. I'm no whistle player, so would appreciate any feedback as to musicality or anything else that I may have missed in terms of fingering positions.

Quick details:

Note Range - Middle C (nominally) to 2 octaves above Middle C (C to c').

Accidentals - All, but I would appreciate some advice as to how to play C# and c#.

Fingering Positions - My first attempt will use cross fingering for accidentals. I understand that this may not always work, but I really need your feedback please. (I can amways build another font later to accomodate the hal hole variants).

Time values - The first issue will not include any timing information for each note. Later on I'll include in standard tablature.


- Finalise the font design, it may take a few goes. Initial DIY font will be PC followed by Mac.
- Distribute it to interested parties. That means that anyone with a word processor can create and print their own tablature for whistle.


- Use any tune in ABC format to create whistle tablature. I hope to cobble together some software to do this for PC, but haven't a clue about Macs (macusers may have to use Barfly for this).
- Use NoteWorthy Composer to generate standard notation with whistle tablature.

If you'd like to help out please drop me a line at . I should point out that this is not a commercial operation, merely one of my ways to encourage others to play music.

Regards, John

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