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Posted By: toadfrog
19-Oct-02 - 12:26 AM
Thread Name: Musical question (chantey types)
Subject: RE: Musical question (chantey types)
Agree with everything Chanteyranger and Radriano just said. In addition, there were pumps which required both heaving (on the machinery) and hauling (on a rope) by different members of the crew. Otherwise, chanteys like South Australia and the Cape Cod Chantey ("Heave away, Haul away") would not make any sense. Bunting chanteys, for taking in reefs, tended to have short, explosive choruses. ("We'll pay Paddy Doyle for his BOOTS.") And chanteys for bracing yards are similar ("Bring her DOWN")

Finally, in the Black tradition there are also rowing chanteys, like Sam Gone Away , World of Misery or Blackbird Get Up which are not explosive at all, or sudden, and require a more relaxed singing style.