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Posted By: Amos
19-Oct-02 - 11:31 AM
Thread Name: MUDCAT CD IX: Songs of Cerulean Hours!
Subject: RE: MUDCAT CD IX: Songs of Cerulean Hours!
Well, for my part, I intend to have the master series burned by Thanksgiving; so if the management stirs brightly, we might be able to ship them for Xmas gifts.

I would like that very much! I have a few otherprojects to move on when this is done. I want to assemble a CD of songs from the Mudcat Songbook, Challenge threads, etc. And I have a long-ago promise to record all the songs I know, for family members. And oh, yes, that darned book....and...

I am just now assembling the "Plum" CD and it is Plum loverly, pardon the expression.

Susan, as usual your brilliance cuts through the fog.

I think the earlier thread shows all the preferred cuts, except for a few later arrivals.

MUSICIANS: If there are any comments on provenance, arrangement, circumstances, aestthetics, idiosyncracies, naughty bits, or subtle overtones that you want added to your songs, please post them here, or PM me or email me with them, ok??

ALSO: Performers are going to have to be responsible for assuring me their songs are either Traditional, Written by Singer, Personally Permitted by Author, or otherwise free from encumbrance as regards permission. I have PMd a few of you about questions on this point and am adding a field to the local database to make sure we know we are covered on all cuts. Like Band-aids, man.

More news as it happens!

Very best,