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Posted By: C-flat
20-Oct-02 - 07:30 AM
Thread Name: popstars etc
Subject: RE: popstars etc
I rarely watch these programmes but on the few occassions I have, I'm usually impressed by one or two of the kids on show.
I just think it's a pity that they're being used in this way, to make money for the programmers, and, if successful, catapulted into the public eye, overnight, without any real preparation.
It will undoubtably prove to be the kiss of death for the winners, as they will forever trying to prove/justify themselves to gain real credibility in the business.
I don't blame the youngsters. When you consider how thin the chances of a successful carreer are, in the music business, it's no wonder they're queuing round the block to audition, but most teenagers won't see the bigger picture and, even if they do, would probably take 15 minutes of fame over years of working small clubs trying to work their way up.
If I was 18 again, good-looking, could sing and dance..........
Now we're into the realms of fantasy!!