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Posted By: John in Brisbane
20-Oct-02 - 09:48 PM
Thread Name: Whistle Players Wanted
Subject: RE: Whistle Players Wanted
Thanks very much for the interest to date. I'll be replying individually later in the week.

It has probably been covered above, but I'm converting to C Major on;y as a common basis to allow each note of the scale to be represented by a unique keyboard character. Clearly you can use any whistle you like by following the standard tablature. I'll need some further help about the better ways to handle tunes in minor keys (dipping down to A,) and Modal (down to Bb) - I'm sure you guys know these tricks, presumably playing up a Fourth or Fifth to minimise the number of accidentals.

Yes this is virtually the same TAB style as used in Yet Another Digital Tradition. I was unable to track down the author, so I've built my own. The other major differences are (a) you don't have to rely on YADT to create your own tunes, just use a simple word prodessor (b) you should be able to use standard ABC notation as input, why re-invent the wheel (c) I've added new symbols for rests, bar lines and slurs - and any other symbols that you people may ask for (d) you should fairly easily be able to add your owh whistle tab to existing scoring programs such as NoteWorthy or the iabc and Skink freebies - by using the lyric line features. Just paste in the name of the notes rather than the lyrics.

I haven't yet created the font for C# (in the key of C). I'll use Fionn's advice re 5.5 holes otherwise - thank you. For all other accidentals I've used the fingering at YADT, however my notation for the the first and second octave variations on C may be contentious.

It'll be no great drama to create a second (or third) set of fonts which use half holes as the norm, but my first effort uses cross fingering.

This is evolution as opposed to revolution. I'll be back in touch when I get a bit more time. I haven't forgotten about Macs, but I'll concentarate on Windows first.

Regards, John