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Posted By: John in Brisbane
21-Oct-02 - 08:45 AM
Thread Name: Whistle Players Wanted
Subject: RE: Whistle Players Wanted
Ps - if there's a gnerally accepted view as to the cross fingering pattern for C# (in the Key of C) I'd probably pefer to use this in the first instance. At the end of the day however it has to be usable for players, so I'll be guided by your advice. I can't think of any trad tunes offhand that use C# in the key of C Major, but there's sure to be some in other modes.

If/when I create some PDF's ising a mix of standard notation and TAB I'll try to stick to D Major, as requested above.

I'm getting ahead of myself but this approach could be used for other fingered instruments from pipes to sax or clarinet or flute. If anyone requires any further info please let me know.

Regards, John