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Posted By: katlaughing
21-Oct-02 - 02:14 PM
Thread Name: Andy Kaufman
Subject: RE: Andy Kaufman
Interesting thread. We just watched Man On the Moon last night and I just knew I'd find more info here, at the Mudcat! I can't stand Jim Carrey, most of the time, but thought he was amazing in this and did a great job in Liar, Liar and Pet Detective was fun. I, too, wish he'd stick to the better roles.

I remember not thinking much of Kauffman, too busy to pay much attention. I hated Taxi, so hardly ever saw him on there. I do remember seeing him on SNL and not being sure what to think.

I am glad that one thing the movie left hanging was cleared up in this thread. I was under the impression that he had committed suicide. The movie deliberatly, IMO, left it that he had NOT died, because they showed Zmuda in the audience of Tony's appearance a year after Kauffman's funeral.

Brendy, thanks for the many links. I found his father's account very touching and would really have enjoyed a bio-pic which focussed on his background more, but I still found the movie fascinating and well-done.

Thanks all for the info. Gotta go learn that song now, the Friendly World one, so pretty and simple.