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Posted By: lady penelope
21-Oct-02 - 03:08 PM
Thread Name: BS: Cat Food
Subject: RE: BS: Cat Food
Whiskers in pouches, gravy ones only ( fussy gits ) anything else that looks interesing, down to and including my cocktail last saturday!!! We managed to persuade Cerys that she was really only interested in the cream part of the cocktail ( gave her a bit for herself ) but she still kept coming over and licking out the nigh on empty glass. Mind you, I had a tortoiseshell called Rainbow who liked dry white wine ( to the point of inebriation!).

Clinton, the above mentioned Rainbow did severely maul two fully grown show dalmations ( who were not shown after their encounter with Rainbow, one of them nearly lost one of it's eyes...). I think given enough motivation, Rainbow would have,indeed, gone after a cow.......

TTFN M'Lady P.