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Posted By: Bearheart
21-Oct-02 - 05:39 PM
Thread Name: BS: Cat Food
Subject: RE: BS: Cat Food
I make my own (and they love it) from ground turkey and occasional cow and sheep innards I get from the farmer's market. (they love heart and liver, and the farmer's market stuff is cheap ,a free range and antibiotic free). I mix it with cooked millet, which they digest easier than rice,and sometimes oats (which Cougar our 13 year old white longhair had for baby food and still goes nuts over); and whatever veggies are good from my garden, farmer's market or grocery store. They love carrots, will kill for fresh cooked broccoli and asparagus, and dig mushrooms, potatoes(which they don't get too often), parsnips and beets. I cook these till just done and mush them up with the meat and grain. I do supplement with Taurine and a few vitamins.

I also give treats from the table (yes they are spoiled), a nibble of any of the above I'm having. They will eat cooked asparagus and broccoli WITHOUT any butter! Though they will also eat butter, yoghurt and sour cream if they find it unguarded.

I will say that most of my cats (I have 6) look half their age and almost never have to go to the vet, and my oldest cat was 22 when she finally went this summer. (I've been making their food for about 10 years, and I'm convinced it is responsible for their good health and youthful appearance, though Cougar says it's her genes). Two who were older took their time adapting to the new food, but grinding it up so it looks like canned food and putting a little fish oil on it helps.