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Posted By: BH
21-Oct-02 - 08:50 PM
Thread Name: Andy Kaufman
Subject: RE: Andy Kaufman
Now that this thread is resurected.
To me---A comic genius. One never knew if he was serious or a put on---usually a put on.   

His appearances in Taxi were distasteful to him (according to his biographer---did it for the money).   

Even when dying people thought it was a put on.

Some memorable moments include his Carnegie Hall appearance and then having buses waiting for the audience to take them back to his place for milk and cookies---his amazing and unexpected impersonation of Elvis on a Dick Van Dyke Show---and never forget Mighty Mouse.

Sadly, I feel, his stint at wrestling proved to be an undoing. Perhaps he was suffering some mental problem at the time---I know not.

His biographer and friend Szuma (spelling?) has written a wonderful book about this comic genius---a genius that Jim Carey who I admitedly cannot abide did a wonderful job in portraying Andy K in the film. I was impressed. Having read the book I felt he did capture him.

Bill Hahn