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22-Oct-02 - 01:14 PM
Thread Name: Songbook review: When This Bloody War Is Over
Subject: RE: Songbook review
Actually from Charmion, who should have re-set the cookie but didn't.

"When This Bloody War Is Over" is available in the gift shops at the Canadian Museum of Civilization and the Canadian War Museum. Dick of CAMSCO Records and the Digital Tradition has a copy now he swapped me a Ewan MacColl CD for it. Thanks, Dick; hope you like it.

Walrus is right on point in his review, and I am grateful for his references to other British works in this field. Walrus, could you supply the complete titles and publication info so I can chase down copies in the second-hand market, however tattered, torn and expensive they may be?

Other facetious, but useful collections I have found are by Martin Page, "For Gawd's Sake Don't Take Me" and "Kiss Me Goodnight, Sergeant-Major" (both British, focussed on the National Service period). The Canadian Second World War equivalent source is Hopwood's "Songs from the Front and Rear", which contains a great deal of British material adapted to Canadian tastes -- much of the Canadian Army spent the better part of three years training in England, and the part of the Canadian Army that didn't was in Italy as part of the Eighth Army.