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Posted By: Amos
22-Oct-02 - 07:55 PM
Thread Name: MUDCAT CD IX: Songs of Cerulean Hours!
Subject: RE: MUDCAT CD IX: Songs of Cerulean Hours!

I have been plowing around trying to figure out what to do with the few cases where a song has been sent in (for the CD series) which is actually under copyright.

The situation appears to be very simple. You can go to at and learn about it, and from there go to Harry Fox to find out about royalties for the licensing which they can provide.

To have a licenseable song burned on a CD costs less than a dime. They charge two bucks for the paperwork. You can do it on line with a credit card. Information is here. This assumes 2500 or fewer copies being solld which I think is a safe bet in our case. They don't seem to have any special provisions for non-profits.

Anyway, if you have a song on the selection list which is covered by BMI and HFA would you take the time to scrape up $2.10 more or less and get HFA's approval to use it in the Mudcat CD series?

If you can't do this, and your song is not a genuine trad song, let me know, please and we'll try and handle it some way, ok?

I hate to dump this on you but I can't take this all on myself in the time it needs to get done in.

The good news is that Dick Greenhaus has offered to handle the logistics -- a real hero!! --at cost. Burning from master, copying and stuffing inserts, and shipping.   So that hurdle may well be out of the way.

I will try to get out a list of songs I am not completely certain of being traditional or written by the singer or already allowed by the known author personally.

We'll manage, don't worry.

I am open to suggestions about any other path through this issue. This is the one I have found so far. Anyone with more experience than I have in these matters, your help and.or wisdom will be welcome.

Best regards,