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Posted By: Bill D
23-Oct-02 - 08:57 PM
Thread Name: BS: Smoking cigarettes
Subject: RE: BS: Smoking cigarettes
can you imagine if smoking had NOT been started several hundred years ago and someone tried to introduce it now?

"Hey, I have a new take this plant and chop the leaves off and dry them....then you roll them up inside a piece or paper and set fire to them and suck the smoke into your lungs! Wow! Try some!"

In the USA, the Food and Drug Administration would turn purple and stomp on this fast! Cigarettes would NEVER be allowed to go to open market! It is $$$ that keep this going, and I cannot see why, knowing what we do about the dangers, that it has been allowed to continue for 20-30 more years!

I suppose I should just be pleased that today, I can go to a restaurant or store or fly in an airplane and NOT be surrounded by smoke! It was not too long ago that I had to BEG for the right to NOT have smoke blown in my face.(One of the few things I ever threatened to hit someone over)

I grew up in a house full of smoke...both parents smoked, and my younger brother too it up just as early as he could get away with it.

I was NEVER even tempted, and have never taken a puff on a cigarette...why? *shrug*...just lucky in the genetic wiring, maybe...

I do hope all those who are trying to quit succeed...