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Posted By: Peg
24-Oct-02 - 07:57 AM
Thread Name: BS: Cat Food
Subject: RE: BS: Cat Food
Bearheart: good for you for feedng them the fresh food diet! I tried to switch mine over to it years ago but they were to resistant. They LOVED the canned mackerel I used as a "transition" food however!

I have two kittens (older) who seem to be having digestive problems and I am wondering if a fresh food diet would help...of maybe not giving them wet food?

How dod you get your cats to switch from commercial food??? I read and hear that this is best for them and helps avoid all the kidney failure and other problems commercial kibble and canned food can cause in later life...but short of fasting them for days how do you get them to eat it?

I have six cats (plus the two kits who are going to be adopted by friends soon) ranging in age from 13 to 4. I tend to feed them urinray tract health food from Science Diet, interspersed with Dental Diet (Friskies) and basic Purina cat chow. Also they like Trader Joe's dry cat food. I also give them canned cat tuna (bad for them but they love it) and "special diet" canned food...and try to give them the "good stuff" (supposedly fewer scary tumor bits in it) as often as I can...

They are fine though one of my older ones drinks too much water...a bad sign as cats shouldn't drink too much (they say this is symptomatic of the later kidney failure), and another gets a tapeworm occasionally. She eats ravenously and loses weight. I put ground pumpkin seeds on her food and the problem goes away in a couple of days.