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Posted By: Barbara Shaw
24-Oct-02 - 08:50 AM
Thread Name: MUDCAT CD IX: Songs of Cerulean Hours!
Subject: RE: MUDCAT CD IX: Songs of Cerulean Hours!
Amos, not sure what you're looking for in terms of "clearly free of encumbrance." The CD I sent you has 6 original songs which are "clearly free of encumbrance." The 4 with songwriters listed other than myself and Frank have been paid royalties by me for my own mechanical rights ($37.75 for 500 or fewer copies), and the 5 listed as traditional are ones I BELIEVE to be traditional based on a good effort at researching the titles. You are free to use any of my 6 originals on the Mudcat sampler, and I BELIEVE you can use those listed as traditional. The other 4 would need to be paid a royalty.

Since there was some discussion about which tracks you would use, it would probably be helpful to list them again before you finalize any of the "flowers."

You've really taken on a pretty big job, and we all thank you, thank you, and can't wait to hear some of it!