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Posted By: gargoyle
23-May-99 - 02:23 PM
Thread Name: How To Post MUSIC to DT
Subject: RE: How To Post MUSIC to DT
I have no doubt that I can produce midi or MP3 or wav files, from sheet or "by ear," and can change one style into another, however:

1. What format is desired?
A. Melody line only?
B. Piano, guitar, bagpipe, anything?

2. Is it acceptable to add chords?

3. Is only the "pure tune" desired or are theme and variation OK?

4. Is "human voice" permitted?

5. What is the OPTIMUM format that will assure the easiest entry into the DT? The format that will cause the least amount of work on the recieving end.

6. To what address should it be sent? Where is the real DT?

I was SO HAPPY to find the DT mirror site, because it is what this site was once moving towards. When it lost out on its bid for "tax exempt status" this site appears to have foundered in its "mission."

Perhaps this thread should be retitled, Desperately Seeking the DT's