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Posted By: annamill
24-Oct-02 - 12:20 PM
Thread Name: BS: Smoking cigarettes
Subject: RE: BS: Smoking cigarettes
Don't get me started on smoking..

I definitely have a drinking problem and I wish I could stop. The problem I have is I don't have any of the problems that KJ mentioned. I don't misuse alchohol. I just drink it. I don't drink during the day, even on weekends. I enjoy being sober too much. It's at night after a hard day at anything. When I get home from work, or I'm out for a drive. It doesn't matter. After 6pm to 8pm it's off to the fridge for my T+T (Tanqueray + Tonic). My husband is a non-drinker so
this makes it easier for me to drink. I don't have to worry about driving. He is extremely tolerant of my drinking because he used to be a really bad drunk. From morning to night. I met him him after he had quit. Actually, I think he sometimes enjoys it when I drink. You know that alcohol is a great un-inhibitor ;-)

I tried help. AAA is a religious organization and hearing other peoples problems just doesn't help me.

My personel experience tells me that if I want to badly enough, I will quit. Problem is, I'll never hit bottom because my drinking is too controlled. I haven't been feeling well lately and it has me worried. As I told my son (the smoker), drinking used to keep me alive, but now it's killing me and I need to stop.

I've tried but I keep coming back. Quiting smoking was much easier for me.

Just spouting... thanks for listening.

Love, Annamill