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Posted By: katlaughing
23-May-99 - 07:26 PM
Thread Name: BillD and ferrara
Subject: RE: BillD and ferrara
Thanks, Lorraine, for keeping us posted. We're a little fragile around here at the moment, when it comes to unexplained absences:-)

Dear Gawdess of ALL Infernal Things Electronic:

We give thanks to thee, that thou hast brought upon our brother Bill, and Sister Rita's beloved and infernal "pewter" the blessings of thy vast power and capacity for perfect workings of the innards of all things related in the perfect outworkings of said 'pewter. And, that they are blest, once again, with thy secure and constant presence overseeing the machinations of their right and perfect electronic trappings. May they experience and enjoy a swift and painless return to this, thy humble servant's most favoured realm of consciousness, where we can be One with thee, in thy heart, mind, and soul of Cyber-Creationdom. We most humbly beseech thee to hear and honour this plea and guide in the healing of this most grevious matter.

Isis! Isis! Ra! Ra! Ra!

katronica elata, humble servant (NOT!):-)