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Posted By: AgingBohemian
24-Oct-02 - 05:32 PM
Thread Name: Problem: practice whistle-flute quietly
Subject: Problem: practice whistle-flute quietly
I could use some help on this.

I am beginning to learn Irish flute, or simple system flute, or keyless flute, as it is variously called.

I work in a school. For various reasons, my lunchtime falls during teacher class time. I would like to practice a little - learn new tunes and work on the fingering. But I can't for fear of disturbing adjoining classrooms. I can't go away. Lunchtime is short, so by the time I go off campus to the nearest park I have to return.

Is there a way to practice quietly, either on the whistle or the flute? I have tried fingering-only, not blowing, but it's hard for a beginner like me to be sure I've fingered the right note.

Does anyone have any ideas?