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Posted By: BK
23-May-99 - 10:19 PM
Thread Name: BillD and ferrara
Subject: RE: BillD and ferrara
Wow! Sounds great, Kat - kinda Unitarian - to me... We all should be glad that long gone are the days when they extirpated the Albegensians.. (I hope!)

Cheers, BK

ps: maybe they should try Linux. The box for Redhat Linux 5.2 ($29.97 @ Sam's) says it'll run on abt anything - "older 386 models to the newest Pentium II's" & I'm told it is dramatically more effecient than any Windows programs.. Of course, other than that I don't (yet) know a *&^%$#@** thing abt it.. (Just bought it, haven't had time to organize loading on my other machine yet, 'n won't have time for a while.)