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Posted By: okscout
23-May-99 - 11:52 PM
Thread Name: The 'geriatric' girl scout
Subject: RE: The 'geratiric ' girl scout
Well, surprisingly I know this song. It starts out, with a line of children (or adults) singing in unison, "I'm glad I am a Girl Scout (Boy Scout or whatever you call your group as long as it is two syllables), There's nothing I'd rather be, But if I weren't a Girl Scout,

A solo voice steps forward from the line and sings "A (carpenter, farmer, nurse, hippie, stewardess, docter, scientist, whatever) I'd be."

Okay now the playparty part starts. Whatever occupation is chosen has a particular rhyme that fits the rhythm dah, dat, dah. Dadadada dah. Or in the case of the carpenter, "Two by four, nail 'em to the floor." Hand motions imitating hammer swing are appropriate. This line is repeated twice, the soloist returns to the chorus line and the beginning of the song is repeated.

The second child in the line becomes the new soloist, singing her part twice (2nd kid decides she wants to be a farmer, so she sings " Give Bessie give, Baby wants to live." meanwhile makin appropriate milking motions. After the repetition, the 1st child steps forward again and sings her part AT THE SAME TIME the 2nd child sings her farmer part again. This nonsense repeats for each child in your lineup.

It is important to have a very strong beat setter to keep everyone in time.

I don't have the tune written down but if anyone is interested, I'll try to post it tomorrow evening.