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Posted By: reggie miles
27-Oct-02 - 07:58 PM
Thread Name: Attn: Jews Harp Players
Subject: RE: Attn: Jews Harp Players
Years ago, whilst warming up to play the least of gigs in a local Seattle neighborhood tavern, I was approached by a guy who introduced himself as Bob, just Bob. He wanted to know if he could sit in with us that evening. I inquired as to what instrument he played. He then stated he was the best Jew's harp player west of the Mississippi. I thought to myself, "That's a big boast, just Bob, but what have you got to back it up with?" The he says, "You know that song that fiddlers test their ability with, Orange Blossom Special?" I nodded. Then he began to play a rousing version of it at breakneck speed. Afterward I simply said, "You're Hired". He played another gig or two with us but then melted away into the ether ne'er to be seen nor heard of again. He was one of those mysterious living legends that just had to spead himself around I suppose. I guess that's why he moved on. Or maybe it was because we didn't make enough money playing those funky little neighborhood taverns to support ourselves much less the best Jew's harp player west of the Mississippi.

And that's the gospel truth, so help me Bob.