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Posted By: georgeward
28-Oct-02 - 02:56 AM
Thread Name: Attn: Jews Harp Players
Subject: RE: Attn: Jews Harp Players
The other part of the answer to Sir's question about how the instrument is used in the Concertos is, as I understand it, that there is a one-handed playing technique which allows the player to switch instruments much as handbell players switch handbells. This allows use of instruments with different fundamental pitches. Simple in principle, less so in practise. I can't address the notation question.

J.R.Smith came to Troy, NY (or perhaps to Rensselaer, which adjoins) in the middle or later nineteenth century. He came from the English Midlands, as I recall. I believe his nephews carried on the company after him. When they went out of business, I don't know.