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Posted By: Ron Olesko
28-Oct-02 - 09:51 AM
Thread Name: Ed McCurdy CDs and LPs
Subject: RE: Ed McCurdy CDs and LPs

I have about 2 dozen Ed McCurdy albums and only 3 are available on CD. For some reason he has been overlooked for re-issues. A cheesy compliation of the Dalliance series was recently issued as "Naughty and Bawdy" - a term that Ed would hate.   He was adamant that his recordings were "erotic". He once told me "Oscar Brand sings bawdy ballads, my songs are erotic".

Unfortunately the rights to some of Ed's recordings were sold over the years and I'm not sure who has the legal rights to issue them today.   Ed recorded some classic LP's. In addition to the Dalliance series I highly recommend "Blood Booze and Bones" and "Ballad Singers Choice". He recorded a number of maritime albums in Canada that are harder to find but superb.   His last "official" LP was recorded around 1967 and titled "Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream". I believe that was the first time he actually recorded his song, although he wrote it many years earlier and it was already a "classic".   

In his later years he issued a marvelous cassette tape. The cassette featured what I consider his greatest performance of "Strangest Dream", recorded with a childrens chorus. Ed sold it by mail and I don't think that is available at this time.

I'm glad to see there is still interest in his work. I hope some record company will wake up and issue some of these recordings.   I had the pleasure of interviewing Ed and spending some time with him while he was still in NYC. He was one of the most unique individuals I ever met and his talents have been sadly underappreciated.   Let's keep our fingers crossed for new releases, and in the meantime - check out EBAY!