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Posted By: wysiwyg
28-Oct-02 - 10:15 PM
Thread Name: Wow, the Dolceola!
Subject: RE: Wow, the Dolceola!
LOL, Rick!

I'm in! I'm late but I'm in! All it took was 2 seconds' listening and I was ready to dump Hardi and have WP's babies! Heck, I guess we can't do it on the Dolceola, me being a big girl and him a minister and all-- not to mention DAID~~ oh well! ~G~

Found this:
A heavy-set, unsmiling man in his 30s, Phillips had a sense of humor ("Denomination Blues," a deadpan account of the endless antipathies Christian orders find in a message of love). He played, and was apparently the only person ever to record with, the dolceola, a kind of dulcimer that sounded like an electric zither run through a Leslie speaker cabinet, showing you a heaven populated by ghosts. In 1929, at his last recording session, just a year before he was committed to the insane asylum where he would spend the few years that remained of his life, he sang the saddest song in the world, thanking his parents for putting him on the right path. You listen and you know the world is poorer because he is not in it.

Aw.... wish I'd'a knowed him.

Geeze you guys, you couldda TOLD me-- how you been runnin that club with no wimmin innit????