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Posted By: Rick Fielding
28-Oct-02 - 10:50 PM
Thread Name: Wow, the Dolceola!
Subject: RE: Wow, the Dolceola!
Well we know who the Memphis ones belong to.

Don't worry about bein' late Susan...that's one of the absolute JOYS of unpopular music!!

If you were visiting here from Mars and were listening to any Golden Oldie, or vintage Country radio station, you'd hear virtually every prominent artist in one day. That's popular music.

But with our music you discover the joys of regional and rural artists throughout your lifetime.....some you have to dig SO hard for....others are there in plain sight, but they're in a narrow field of music, and still others (like Washington Phillips and the Rev. Alfred E. Karnes) are in a narrow enough field (rural Gospel recordings) AND recorded so little that it DOES take years to discover them....and even then it's often by pure luck.

Now, in my case, Sandy Paton helped BIG TIME. He said "You HAVEN'T heard Washington Phillips? Then prepare to be amazed"!

He also said that "Called to The Foreign Shore" by Rev. Karnes was the greatest piece of recorded folk music he'd ever heard. Now don't tell him this...but I practically burst into tears when I played that record. You know I'm not religious, and the song is pretty dated in it's message.....but My God, what a piece of music! After the Patons had gone to bed, I sat in their living room and played the cut at least twenty times.

Oh there have been so many discoveries like that....t'is why I love this folky life-style.

Have you heard Rochester NY's Freddie Vine? Simply the finest blues fingerpicker on the planet.....why? He actually SOUNDS like the people who invented the music....and yet he's virtually unknown, even (or especially) in his own home town.

My I AM chatty tonight!