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Posted By: John Wood
24-May-99 - 07:29 PM
Thread Name: Chords Req: Streets of London (Ralph McTell)
Subject: RE: Sheet music (chords) 'Streets of London'
I've got the Ralph McTell Songbook,and in there it says:

``[F]Kicking up the pa-[C/G]pers with his [Dm/F]worn out [G]shoes?ยดยด Chorus:So [F]how can you [Em]tell me your're [C]lone--[G6]--[Am]ly,-[Am7/G]
[D9/F#]And say for you [D7/F#]that the sun don't [G7]shine?
[C/G]Let me take you [G]by the hand-and [Am]lead you through the [Em]streets of London
[F]I'll show you [C/G]something to [G7]make you change your [C]mind.>br>
Greetings John.