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Posted By: bseed(charleskratz)
25-May-99 - 02:04 AM
Thread Name: Yodelling
Subject: RE: Yodelling
Fairmaid--In D, what Rick was telling you was to jump from the A in one octave to the F# in the next. That, of course, is if you yodel in the tonic chord. But it sounds like your problem isn't so much where to go as how to do it without destroying your vocal chords. The most important thing is to relax on the high notes (a good vocal coach would be helpful with this). This is, of course, all theoretical: I lost my own falsetto decades ago, and with it any weak ability to yodel I had. I have recently, however, learned to extend my range several notes by learning to relax rather than strain to make the high notes. --seed (who has unauthoritative advice on almost any subject)