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Posted By: Jande
31-Oct-02 - 08:51 PM
Thread Name: They Finally Nailed Me This Time!
Subject: RE: They Finally Nailed Me This Time!
Little Hawk passed on his faux nails technique to me and I find it works very well indeed!

The trick, though is to make sure you only build up the last third or so of the nail so that you don't cover so much of the breathy part of your own nails. That way the actual nail stays strong aand healthy.

I can do mine in about 10 minutes now, and I do them all on the right hand. It has always been my style to play with my fingers rather than use a pick, but the nail wore down so quickly that I couldn't play for long.   

Now, using LH's trick I can play for hours. It makes my fingernails look as though they are a bit deformed (I don't colour them), but I haven't heard anyone comment on that yet. :`)

Oh, the stuff is made by the Sally Hansen co. --brush on gel, clear acrylic powder, and spray "activator" (hardener). I seem to have trouble finding it in the states, though.

But no way I would pay $5 a nail! Well... maybe when I'm rich I'll have 'em done for me. :) I wonder what they would charge for five one-third nail-jobs? Heh!

Good on ya, Rick! And the best of luck to you with them!

~ Jande