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Posted By: Bill D
25-May-99 - 01:47 PM
Thread Name: BillD and ferrara
Subject: RE: BillD and ferrara
"...his head was against the firebox door, the flames were burning high..."

firebox size seems to ne irrelevant if the damn train keep derailing!!...and when I get it back on the track, the cars are out of order and contents and couplings are damaged.....

I am writing this from the 3rd complete re-installation of Windows...and it ain't over yet!...stuff is not where it is supposed to be in the directories..and copying has to be done in DOS, where the visual representation of your stuff is is like every time you open the door to your house, all the furniture has been rearranged...and you are required to turn off the lights to move it back...(mediocre metaphor, but this is not my forte')

so...if there are long pauses while we sort this out...(or trade in the 17 year old kid on a Pentium..*grin*),don't fret...we will figure out something...

so...lets goo see if I can figure out how how to get c:\windows\system back under c:\windows...instead of under c:\system!!...(where IS that DWIM..[Do What I Meant] key?)