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Posted By: Santa
01-Nov-02 - 06:51 PM
Thread Name: New Eliza Carthy interview.
Subject: RE: New Eliza Carthy interview.
Without having read the article, I'm not completely sure just what was said, but I don't think that English folk music is thriving. It is not healthy, and not attracting enough younger people. Why this is so is harder to say, but certainly I can go to local clubs and find English singers and musicians doing Irish/Celtic sets, even outside the fake Irish theme pubs. If it doesn't move, paint it green! I strongly suspect the opposite is not true in Ireland.

This may have a lot to do with the (healthy) lack of Nationalism in this country, and a subsequent lack of interest in English traditions. We lack a National dress, and largely a National music, and (as said elsewhere in Mudcat) much of what was/is English has been purloined by others anyway.   How many of the "Celtic" rigs and jeels are based on English tunes? A fair proportion - the music of these islands has moved around and been shared - nowadays it is being claimed, and not by the English.

More power to Eliza's elbow. And Kate, and Katherine, and Tim, Jane and Amanda, and all the young (or not so young) singers and musicians that are around. Fashions do change, or can be changed.