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Posted By: greg stephens
01-Nov-02 - 07:26 PM
Thread Name: New Eliza Carthy interview.
Subject: RE: New Eliza Carthy interview.
well like Eliza C, and unlike GUEST above I do give a f*** f****. I've played jazz and cajun and Caribbean and Polynesian and Kurdish and God knows what and it's all totally brilliant. But I specially like playing English tunes and cherishing them and passing them on to youngsters and all that stuff because they are what we have here in England which is where I live(though I'm not very English). And I'm very happy to itch where can scratch. I like beer brewed round the corner, food grown in near fields, and music that grew up round where I am. Not because it's better, it's nether better nor worse. It's just what we've got, and it fits here. Sure I still like blues and everything else, but it's not mine, I just love lots of music. But northwest tunes from England are mine, and I love them to bits.
   And it gives me great pleasure to pass tunes on, to the likes of Eliza and everyone else I can enthuse. And it has given me huge enjoyment to find Eliza Carthy likes them, and records them, because they are English and she likes them too. We've got lovely music in England, just like everywhere else. Cherish it, look after it, add to it, pass it on to the kids. Don't forget it.