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Posted By: breezy
03-Nov-02 - 10:51 AM
Thread Name: Chord Req: Young Ned of the Hill
Subject: Chords Add: YOUNG NED OF THE HILL
Yes I do it I sat down with Cathy Ryan and we worked it out together, what reference point?
I base it on the D chord family.
D - DARk is the even....... silent the G hour,
Oh D who ...Am minstral G Yonder lone A7 tower
Whose D hear.... touchibg with G skill
oh D who can it Bm be but yuong A7 Ned...the D hill

It is G hard D cape from that G young....A7 Bower
For D high is the Bm castle and G guarded the A7 tower
But the D mind .....holds the G will and D Eileen is Bm gone with young A7 Ned of the D hill.
link is based on G- A7 twice
best I can offer off the top of me head but I was singing in the street and met a man Bob who can sing it in gaelic, so he did.Its great how the music introducespeople to each other good luck I run a club in Herts Eng