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Posted By: belfast
03-Nov-02 - 12:10 PM
Thread Name: Lyr/Tune Add: Michael Collins (not again)
Subject: RE: Michael Collins (not again)
G / / / Am / / / C / G / D / / /
G / / / Am / / / C / D/ G / / /
D / / / C / G / D / Em / D / / /
G / / / Am / / / C / D/ G / / /

G / D / Em / / / C / / / D / / /
G / D / Em / / / C/ D / C /
I said I'd post the chords and, despite a mild hangover, here they are. And I just knew that there would be people out there bursting with information. Which reminds me, in the middle of the summer I saw a small boat named "Morrigan". Not a name I would have chosen myself.

Béal na Blath. It hadn't occurred to me that there was any doubt about this. How foolish of me! Is there anything in this bloody country that is not the cause of some dispute or other? But come to think of it, should "Blath" not be plural? Blathanna? Anyway, it's a beautiful name and I'll leave the disputes to those more qualified than myself.

The Greatest Irishman (oh dear. I meant "person") Who Ever Lived. I hope you realize what you may have started. Or possibly it was me. Perhaps a new thread should be created. I'm making a list of names guaranteed to irritate. Daniel O'Donnell. (No, not O'Connell). Gerry Adams. I can already hear the gnashing of teeth. Wolfe Tone would be a serious contender for many reasons. I would probably end up plumping for James Connolly (and I can already hear someone pointing out that he was Scottish). I've just got it. Leopold Bloom! The epitome of human decency. And, naturally the great Irish person who ever lived would have to be fictional.