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Posted By: Rick Fielding
03-Nov-02 - 12:22 PM
Thread Name: They Finally Nailed Me This Time!
Subject: RE: They Finally Nailed Me This Time!
OY VAY! (or should that be 'oi vey', or 'oigh veigh')

Not as good as I would have liked. It was a house concert with no sound system, and I quickly realised that NORMALLY in that situation I'd be playing a little harder. This was difficult. I'd practiced with the artificial nails to the point where I wasn't REALLY screwing up....but with an audience, it's a bit different.

I played "Catspaw's Rag" on the banjo and made a number of small mistakes during the "rolls". Some hard pickin' on the 12 string felt really mushy. Six string was OK, but here's something I hadn't bargained for:

While using a flatpick, my middle and ring fingers (with artificial attachments) CLICKED on the face of the guitar.

Bottom line is that simple rhythm with simple bass runs worked fine, even medium speed 'thumb index' single string runs were ok, but the moment I tried to really "DRIVE IT", big problems started.

Not sure what I'll do. I don't play again til my concert in Branford Ct. next week, so I'll practice....BUT...I MAY put the metal picks in my pocket just in case.

P.S. Little Hawk dropped by, and played some fine harp and guitar. Plus a local fiddler got up and jammed on some blues and ragtime.