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Posted By: Kitten
03-Nov-02 - 12:38 PM
Thread Name: Tune Req: O'Reilly of County Cavan
Subject: ADD: O'Reilly of County Cavan
I have the handwritten words below for this song but can only remember a fragment of the tune. Can anyone help? I've mapped out the opening notes over the words, which is all I recall.

O'Reilly of County Cavan

C C B   A D(down) E    F   G EDC
As I was walking through County Cavan
All for to view the bright scenes of life
Who should I spy bur a pretty fair one
She appeared to me like an angel bright

And I asked this fair one if she would marry
And like to be a light horseman's wife
She said "No, kind sir, I would rather tarry
And choose to lead a sweet single life"

"And indeed kind sir, I migfht rightly tell to you
I could have been married ten years ago
To one O'Reilly who lives in in this country
I fear he has proven my love's overthrow"

"Forget O'Reilly; he will deceive you
And come with me to some foreign shore
And to Pennsylvania we will sail over
Saying `Farewell O'Reilly for evermore`"

But when we were sailing all on the ocean
The waves did billow and the storms did roar
And I really thought that my heart was broken
When I thought of O'Reilly I left on the shore

But youthful folly makes young girls marry
And when they are married they must obey
But what can't be cured, love, must be endured, love
And now I'm bound for Americay.