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Posted By: The Pooka
03-Nov-02 - 01:29 PM
Thread Name: Lyr/Tune Add: Michael Collins (not again)
Subject: RE: Michael Collins (not again)
belfast - no gnashing here. Agree about Tone. Might O'*Connell* (I know, you said Not Him) perhaps contend for "Most *Popular* Irishman of his Time"?? (Ref. "Most Popular Irish Songs" thread; not to be confused with "Greatest"?) Gerry Adams - I'd say, he could yet BECOME one of the Greatest -- but still has a long & rocky road to travel, to get there. And, it has still to become *truly* the "one road", comrades *all*. // Leopold Bloom it is then! Excellent!! What's wrong with fictional? *I'm* fictional! :)
- The Pooka Fergus MacPhellimey