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Posted By: The Pooka
04-Nov-02 - 01:37 AM
Thread Name: Lyr/Tune Add: Michael Collins (not again)
Subject: RE: Michael Collins (not again)
O so it's th' oul "Thread Creep" izzit! Would youse 2 guys kindly quit talkin' about me behind me back. :) Thankee.

No idea, Big Tim. But I'll think of that title whene'er I feel that I fain would lie doon.

belfast, may the Lord have Mercy upon you, I can't write songs for beans but I yield to no man in the fence-straddling competitions. If you'd ever care to peruse my roster of postings, as a gentle Guest of both our ould acquaintance apparently once did when really bored, you'll see. :)

The great Brian O'Nolan yields to no man in the Wit & Wisdom Competitions.

Bold Theobold Tone may have dissed Americay lang before the Bushes Burned our Arse; but here's what yer man St. Brendan Behan (another potential "Greatest" candidate??) is reputedly reported, and also reportedly reputed, to have said concerning our fair Neighbor to the Great White North:

"A lot of people say I hate Canada. I don't hate any place. Well, I make certain exceptions. Canada's the only place where I've been accused of being a Dogan. That's an Irish Catholic. I asked them for it in writing so I could show it at home...Vancouver? A terrible hole...Canada is barbaric without being picturesque...Toronto will be a fine town when it's finished." :) (Source: click here, scroll way down )

G'night to youse all.