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Posted By: AndyG
26-May-99 - 06:16 AM
Thread Name: Narrowboat songs
Subject: RE: Narrowboat songs
First pass through the tape last night, I'll try to do some transcriptions during the week. (no promises)

Waterways Lament
Song about the physical state of the canals, probably a '60's song though it could be anytime 1945 - 1965

Poor Old 'Orse
Well known song, though many think it's a blue water shanty

The 'Orrible Trip
A recitation about a trip to and through Brum. Mentions Spaghetti Junction so reasonably modern

Tommy Note
A complaint about payment by Tommy Note and thus the Tommy Store. (cf Company Store).

Boaty Boaty Spit in the Cut
As Mentioned above. A "rude" song. Not very PC I'm afraid.

Lass of Coventry
Romantic song IIRC

Single Bolinder
As I said earlier a comic song.

Girl on the Cut
Hard times song.

Winson Green Jail
Can't remember, I was distracted by a computer failure whilst I was listening, hohum.

Dudley Tunnel
does indeed have the chorus "Push, boys, push." However it's about the closing of the Dudley Tunnel.

Hard Working Boater
Song in praise of the boatmen and their community.

Tom Beech's Last Trip
As I said above, but also about the community of the working boatmen.

Tipton Slasher
Song in praise of a recently deceased fighter. Broadside ballad type like the other songs of its ilk.

The Humber Belle

Didn't get to hear this one as I had to go to the Folk Club.

Any requests ?