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Posted By: McGrath of Harlow
04-Nov-02 - 05:47 PM
Thread Name: BS: Michael Moore's Bowling for Columbine
Subject: RE: BS: Michael Moore's Bowling for Columbine
Here's a link to Michael Moore's site,, complete with a forum that gets fairly heated at times.

If I was American I'd be very proud of Michael Moore. And perhaps I should stress that is in no way ironic, since we often get confused about things like that. Why can't you have him as President?

I see noone's come up with why Pete Seeger, Michael Moore, Studs Terkel, and Utah Phillips are frauds. I suspect it'll be a long wait before anyone comes up with a convincing case. (About the same time the proof emerges about Ian Paisley being an undercover agent for the Vatican. Or about Tony Blair being a Socialist.)