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Posted By: GUEST,Taliesn
04-Nov-02 - 07:10 PM
Thread Name: BS: Michael Moore's Bowling for Columbine
Subject: RE: BS: Michael Moore's Bowling for Columbine

" I suppose an "Ambush Interview" is in the eye of the beholder."

Well I don't know your opinion of Rush Limbaugh as a "source" of his *truth* often disguised as his brand of infotainment/commentary so i won't assume.....However....

" I will see the film, but doubt I will draw from it the great satisfaction that many of you do."

I find this a rather revealing statement about you. You get out your perfectly protected "free speech" soap box "as if" it were in danger of being denied you , but you seem to deride any opinion that differs from yours every bit as much as you you appear to accuse others here of committing.

"I see nothing wrong with owning firearms, and do not believe that owning one stamps you as a redneck potential murderer."

Assault weapons? Semi-automatics? He pilgrim ,I live in Northern Virginia which isxnot only N.R.A central HQ and ripe "militia country" ,but also the host to yet another flake-job exercising his right to access a weapon. The fact that most of America's murder statistics are *not* by criminals but by "just plain folks" exercising their right to be pissed off at a lover/ex-lover ,spouse/soon-to-be-ex-spouse ( literally ) , parent, schoolmate ,neighbor ,friend, bar room debator ,debt-ower, what-have-you and blow them away in a crime of passion because * I can* . No thank you.

I can well imagine your lack of enjyoment of this film will be because it hits too close to the bone to admit that a lot of citizen's are really not mentally or emotionally mature enough to deserve the right to a weapon without a license which would include a profile. I'm fearful enough as the assholes behind the wheel of cars whom can atleast have that license revoked should they take a life and are tracable through their car. If one want those
nimrods denied their right to a car license then denial of right to a weapon makes sense to me.

"I knew Charlton Heston when he served on the National Council for the Arts. He is not a dummy, as so many would like to believe."

This is *not* about Heston being a dummy and to play that up is as red a herring as one could toss out. He's made himself a rather "public" figure over a rather public issue for debate and I've v-tapped several of his appearances at N.R.A. rallies , as covered uninterupted by C-Span , and he shamelessly panders to the self-proclaimed *Right Wingnuts* who shamelessly refer to him *as the voice of Moses* and give him the NRA bully-pulpit to be used for all of the NRA's *propaganda*.

If anyone is the drop-dead *fool* it's that reprobate Wayne LaPierre whom i also v-taped on "Meet the Press" during the first week of the sniper and he vehemently derided and dismissed the "validity" of using the muzzle signature as a means of identification and reinforced why the NRA's *official* position is against this.
Well what a collective horse's ass the NRA made of *tiself* , thanks to LaPierre when it was precisely the muzzle signature forensics that led to the successful end of the sniper's reign of terror.

I'll conclude by reminding you that Micheal moore remains a lifelong memeber of the NRA, having joined when it was still a gun safty and all Ameroican sportsman's institution and he remembers when it was hijacked by these anti-gov't , some White supremecist militia ( I've seen and heard them at C-span televised rallies ) , Right Wingnuts who chose to advance their politicla agenda.
Please be reminded that it was Wayne LaPierre whom promoted the "Jack-booted thug" campaign about the ATF that caused George Bush,Sr. to renounce his NRA membership.
Also remember too that the "Ruby Ridge" incident happened under that same G.Bush stewardship and that Waco was already an ongoing BATF mission and given the green light by then the already 10 year appointee of Ronald Reagan's Treas.Sect. ,Donald Reagan, well before Clinton was elected let alone when Janet Reno took office.
I know this because I witnessed BOTH the Ruby Ridge AND Waco congressional hearings on CD-Spanwhere Higgins trestified to this FACT.

There's plenty to criticize Clinton over ,and I take a back seat to no one in calling his presidency to task , but this blaming him for
all of what happened at Waco and ,by some mysterious association ,Ruby Ridge , just goes to show how much the *truth* is in the eye of the right Wing beholder ever bit as much.

Sorry if you're also not comfortable with that either.

He believes strongly in his convictions, and expresses them. Anything wrong with that (other than it might be contrary to your own?) You express yours, don't you?