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Posted By: khandu
04-Nov-02 - 10:22 PM
Thread Name: Mudcat CD Series: Plum
Subject: RE: Mudcat CD Series: Plum
Hey, hey, hey! Man, what great company you have put me in, Amos! I thank ye severely! (But why in the heck did you have to have Bobert , Tweed and me on the same CD????!!!! This may be a bit much for the average ear to handle!)

Anywho, this is supposed to be a lyric and comment thread. So here goes!

Comment: "Strange World" is a bewildered song about a bewildered man (ME!) "Emmy" is focus of the bewilderment, but Life is the source of it. All people named in the song are real people. The names have not been changed to protect the innocent...except "Emmy"; hers was changed to protect the guilty!

The song ends on a note of hope, yet the last line is left unresolved, even as the story is unresolved.

"IT'S A STRANGE WORLD" by khandu

Well I think I'm gonna go to Ireland
and look for the leprechaun.
If I get lucky like Darby O'Gill
I'm bound to catch me one
I'll tell him that I want my riches
And I know what they will be;
A little peace of mind and a long long time
With Emmy right here by me.

Hey, Bo ain't on the scene no more,
He left when I was a kid
But I still remember the way he was
And the funny little things he did.
But here I am, and here I'll be
Until I say "Here I go!"
But before I leave, I do believe
There's something you should know

It's a strange world...I wanna make that clear.
Yeah, it's a strange world
But why in the hell are we even here?

Now, Emmy'd been married 'bout fourteen times
She told me I'd be her last
But Emmy ran away to Mexico,
She left me in her past.
When she left, she left her fingerprints
Dabbled all over my brain
Now I can't think a thought without thinking of her
Or talk without speaking her name.

It's a strange world...yeah, that's for sure!
It's a strange place...without her

Now, Janet was a jewel, Bonnie was a beauty
Donna Ray, she was full of spice!
Like a good man, I tried to do my duty,
Would have gladly done it twice.
Some things they say are better left unsaid
Some deeds are better left undone
But I can't get her sweet lips outta my head
That lady was a hellalotta fun.

It's a strange world...even way back when
Such a strange world...I guess it's always been

I think I'll smoke me another pack of Camel
I think I'll have another beer
Just like the joker, I'm always looking
For some kind of way outta here.
Maybe I'm right, but maybe I'm wrong
Maybe Emmy was a lying whore
But I'd glady give up everything I own
Just to see her walk through that door

It's a strange world, as you can tell.
And I'm a stranger in a strange land
This place called "Hell".

Everybody says time is on my side
But there's a monkey on my back
Emmy weighs heavy upon my mind
Like a train on a railroad track
I think I'm gonna go to Ireland,
Look for the leprechaun
Maybe I'll be lucky like Darby O'Gill....