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Posted By: khandu
04-Nov-02 - 10:46 PM
Thread Name: Mudcat CD Series: Violet
Subject: RE: Mudcat CD Series: Violet
An "illiterate" sort? Was that an insult?

Looks like the makings of a good CD there, Amos! It is an honor to be included with these fellow Mudcatters! What a roster!

Since this a lyric and comment goes!

"Cool Cup of Water" is a rather "raw" song about a world-weary, well-worn wayfarer (How's that for illiterate, Amos!) who is sustained only by the love of his family and his Faith in the God of "Grace and Mercy".


Just a cool cup of water to soothe my weary soul
Grace and a little Mercy,
And a cool cup of water before I go.

Oh, mama, don't you weep and don't you cry, my son
Trust in the Lord my soul to keep.
The Day is nearly over, and there's so much to be done.
And miles that I must go before I sleep.
And miles and miles to go before I sleep

(Repeat chorus)

Sometimes the road gets rocky, sometimes the travelin's hard,
Sometimes it seems like more than I can stand.
But I'll trust in the Master and the way He deals the cards
For I know He's got my whole world in His hands
It's true He's got the whole world in His hands

(Repeat Chorus)