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Posted By: cetmst
05-Nov-02 - 07:40 AM
Thread Name: Question for Masato (re: songbooks)
Subject: RE: Question for Masato (re: songbooks)
My 3x5 card file contains more than 40,000 titles cross referenced from 530 song books including hymnals and school song books and Sing Out v. 11 to date. Hymnals are not yet indexed and there is a separate list of about 1500 Christmas related items. These titles are also gleaned from a collection of 540 CD's, 510 cassettes, 641 12-inch LP's, 35 10-inch LP's, 44 78's, many cracked, broken or otherwise unplayable, 37 8-tracks (Anyone know where I can get a player to transcribe these to other records ?) I have an unorganized wish list of several hundred recordings and songbooks. A future project is to index my wife's collection of classical music. I bought my first record in 1947 after hearing Burl Ives sing "The Fox" on a college radio program and began indexing in pre-computer days so it is cumbersome and loaded with dupications and errors. The time it would take to get this all on a computer probably exceeds my life expectancy but I would be happy to search for specific items. I have often found however that Masato, Joe Offer and others have been able to answer much more quickly. Mudcat almost daily adds to my collection. I am not a performer either instrumentally or vocally - my repertoire is limited to "the Fox", "Tam Pierce" and "Blood on the Saddle" which I sing only for my grandchildren, but really enjoy making the historical and traditional connections from the music.