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Posted By: Amos
05-Nov-02 - 10:16 AM
Thread Name: Mudcat CD Series: Strawberry
Subject: RE: Mudcat CD Series: Strawberry

This original blues is loosely based on the Barrelhouse style made famous by stars like Bessie Smith, in the days before microphones were used for live performance. It was written to raise some working cash for the Mudcat on commission from a lovely Mudcatter in, of all places, Walla Walla, Washington, the town so fair they had to name it twice.

You know, flakie cats just want to stone you
And big cowboys they just want to own you
For a reg'lar jelly roll
And the losers want you to roll them
And beg you to control them
And grind 'em til they find they souls , oh,
I 'm not about to start contraction
From a masculine reaction
Cuz I'm a real woman right down to my shoes,
But I'm getting those
Walla Walla's wasting
F#7~~~~~~~B7~~B7aug(?) E
A Walla Walla Woman blues

Big bikers want to play you
And maybe want to flay you
Hey, wouldn't you rather burn a bra?
Then the SNAGS want easy living
Got no-o-o sense of rhythm
And can't figure out just who they really are
Mister big iron pumper
Got a motion, like a bumper
AIn't got enough plain soul to shine my shoes

But I'm gettin those
Walla Walla's wastin'
A Walla Walla Women blues.

      I like to do that hootchie kootchie thing
      But no-one here to kootchie me
      I like to run a nice strong coffee grinder
      And the men around here drink tea, cold tea, oh

I got three hot kitties
Begging, pretty pretty,
Just to go out on the town at night
Jes' see how they carry on
Hear them whine an' moan
They don' believe its right
Sometimes I turn a my back
And they slip through a crack
And those pussies down town
Get more than I do

Leaves me them
Walla Walla's wastin'
A Walla Walla Women blues.

      I'm not not excessively demanding
      That's no way for a good woman to be
      All I want is some plain understanding
      And some con-geni-ality, Oh,

I don't want a man on booze
They always seem to lose
Except for that one out Chicago way
Cuz I can still recall
He would play that Cannonball
And that was what he did to steal
My heart away
I'm gonna move it, yes move it
Til someone finds that groove,
Go out in whitebread city and cruise
Gonna shake them Walla Walla....
Wasting a Walla Walla....
A Walla Walla Woman Blues....oh, yes.